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Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=email_en&sid=avhLUj0FlZAw

True / Slant (in-depth Q&A with the director) http://trueslant.com/pietlevy/2010/01/15/chicago-beatdown-talking-to-james-allen-smith-director-of-chicago-traders-documentary-floored/

CNBC’s Rick Santelli talks about FLOORED from the trading floor http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1386748929&play=1


“His camera captures lots of broken men. Some are deformed by the pursuit of money; others struggle to reinvent themselves since computers do what they did cheaper, faster and better. The successful floor traders are magnetic. They’re overgrown kids with money, brains and a pathological need to release stress.”

by Steven M. Sears for Barron’s Aug. 22, 2009Read Article

Pre-Release Press for FLOORED

Reel Chicago:

“As public anger against the financial industry boiled over last year, “I wanted to focus more on the blue collar guys and break down some of the stereotypes,” Smith said. “I wanted the audience to identify a bit more with the characters and maybe even find they had more in common than they expected.”

By Ed M. Koziarski for Reel Chicago 7/15/09read article

Chicago Tribune Article 2:

“By dealing with hard times in the workplace, Smith taps into a vein running through millions of lives in this brutal recession, as the nation’s unemployment rate soars toward 10 percent.”

By Greg Burns for Chicago Tribune 6/29/09read article

Chicago Tribune Article 1:

“In a feature-length documentary set for release later this year, Smith aims to chronicle the vanishing life and times of the open-outcry futures trader, highlighting the clash between technology and humanity, and the personal toll of progress.”

By Greg Burns for Chicago Tribune 3/3/08read article

Video interview with director James Allen Smith from the floor of the CME

By Wes Pope for Chicago Tribune 2/28/08watch clip

Other Articles:

“A CME official said the exchange had now found a place to accommodate the half-a-dozen traders who still trade the commodity in the traditional way.”

By Hal Weitzman for Financial Times 2/5/08read article

“For years, Chicago’s futures marts resisted the screen, clinging to the traditional open-outcry pits where traders don colorful jackets, raise their arms and shout out bids and offers, as they have for generations. Technology transformed the rest of the financial world, leaving them behind.”

By Greg Burns for Chicago Tribune 3/18/07

“It’s a bit of Americana, a bit of history, and when it’s gone, it’s gone,” said J. Allen Smith, a documentary filmmaker whose coming picture, “Floored,” will profile displaced traders.

By Greg Burns for Chicago Tribune 3/25/07

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